Why use a solicitor for a commercial lease?

Why use a solicitor for a commercial lease?

Whilst it is not a requirement it is highly recommended, taking into account the large volume of documents and checks involved before your business commits to often what is several years at a premises.

As mentioned initial discussions with the landlord are usually friendly and open, however many businesses find the incredibly long leases daunting and full of restrictions that weren’t mentioned in any initial conversations.

It is important to understand any restrictions that will be imposed upon you and your business, and what that means in real terms. It is well known that most landlord’s won’t budge on the main terms of the lease, but understanding what is involved before you are caught up in a long contract is extremely beneficial to the business and your peace of mind. There is nothing worse than finding that you are restricted in a way which would have made you walk away from the deal had you know about it in advance.

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