Transaction At Undervalue

Transactions at Undervalue generally occurs where it is alleged that the ownership of an asset has been transferred for less than the market value.

If it is found the asset was sold below the proper value while the company was in liquidation, the Court can set aside the transaction. The new owners can be asked to restore the asset(s) in question to the company.

If you wish to sell any asset then the asset should be independently valued and make sure that the valuation has a going concern and forced sale values. You must keep careful records of such transactions and ensure that the board meeting minutes the transactions as being formally approved by the board.

The law relating to personal claims against the Directors can be complex, but with proper advice from Altion Law, many of those claims can be defeated. Failure to deal with such claims could result in proceedings being issued by the Liquidators and Court Orders being made against you personally, ultimately leading to a loss of your personal property and perhaps even bankruptcy against you.

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