Building Work Running Late Or Delayed

Please be advised we can only act in Commercial Construction Disputes so if you are a homeowner and have a dispute with a builder or landscaper, we cannot assist you.

During building work running time, delays are inherent throughout the building and construction industry. It can create major difficulties in terms of project performance and client satisfaction. Delays can be for number of factors such as the unpredictable weather. Unreliable sub-contractors, budget shortage, or overrun due to design errors variation to scope of work.  This also stands for any unexpected changes.

Building Work

To maximise your success in dealing with claims for delay and extension of time, it is vital that action is taken early.

Sometimes a contract will fix the building work running time that a service must be completed by. If the time has not been fixed then the service must be completed ‘within a reasonable time’. What is reasonable usually depends on the facts of the contract.

Further Details to Consider


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