Do I Need A Shareholders Or Partnership Agreement?

Altion Law can assist in drafting the Shareholder or Partnership Agreement which govern the relationship between the shareholders or partners and setting out how a company is going to run. It includes how key decisions are to be made, what happens if a director or partner wants to leave or how shares will be valued.

Prepare Articles of Association that are particularised

Check agreement about business premises e.g lease

Altion Law can help you to understand the terms of the agreements about the business premises that you have chosen to buy or rent.

That means knowing your obligations under a lease, such as break clauses or the condition that you need to return a building in when you exit a lease. You also need to be sure that you can use the premises for the purpose of your business. There might be a covenant preventing this. If you choose to run your business from home, then you may want to know what restrictions are on this.

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