Can I Defend A Bankruptcy Petition?

Altion Law can provide legal advice, and assist you in defending a Bankruptcy Petition. This would by preparing evidence as to why you are opposing the making of a Bankruptcy Order. Then demonstrating why the debt is substantially disputed.

You may set out your reasons as to why you don’t owe the money. The creditor may be out of time for taking legal action, or even that you’ve already made a reasonable offer of repayment. Another reason could be, an offer to secure the debt to the creditor, which you feel was unreasonably refused.

Altion Law has experience in making representation at the hearing, and entering into negotiations with creditors. This is to achieve a settlement outside the Court.

However, once a Bankruptcy Petition is presented against you, we recommend to contact us for advise. Even if you have the funds to pay the debt in full, or can prove that they do not have any tax liabilities. HMRC can also request that the Bankruptcy Petition continues unless you pay HMRC’s additional costs. These costs are for preparing and presenting the Bankruptcy Petition. It is therefore very important to settle your debt before it reaches the Petition stage.

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