Professional Negligence

If you would like to make a Professional Negligence Claim, or you are concerned that a claim could be made against you, please contact us at Altion Law.

We specialise in Professional Negligence Claims, including those involving architects, surveyors and builders. It does not matter what side of the argument you are on – we can help you.

Our Professional Negligence Solicitors can pursue a claim on your behalf, working to recover the damages you have wrongfully incurred. Alternatively, if you are facing a Professional Negligence Claim, we can defend you.

Professional Negligence Solicitors

Our Professional Negligence Solicitors act for both claimants and defendants who find themselves involved in a legal dispute. This insight gives us the skill and expertise needed to succeed in your case.

Our service starts with a free initial enquiry. During this consultation, a Professional Negligence Solicitor from our team offers you clear, pragmatic advice. This ensures you understand the options available to you.

If you want us to represent you, we work to bring the matter to a swift conclusion. We are here to protect your best interests, so will do everything we can to achieve your desired outcome.

Professional Negligence Claims can involve any person or company which provides a professional service. This includes –

What Is Professional Negligence?

Professional Negligence is when a professional person or organisation fails to meet the standard expected of them, causing another party to suffer damages.

The aggrieved party – known as the ‘claimant’ – is then entitled to pursue a professional negligence claim to recuperate their damages. This might include the cost of repairs, lost earnings and other expenses.

For example, imagine that a surveyor fails to detect a simple case of subsidence, causing a homeowner significant financial loss. When this happens, it is necessary to ask whether a reasonable body of surveyors would have made the same mistake. If not, the surveyor in question has been negligent.

Construction Negligence Claims

At Altion Law, we deal with a wide range of Professional Negligence Claims, including Construction Negligence Claims. This covers claims against architects, surveyors, builders and any other professional who works in the construction sector.

A Professional Negligence Claim can be made by those who entered into a contractual agreement. For instance, a homeowner may bring a claim against an architect who has been retained to draw up plans for a new extension. Also, a claim can be made by a party who reasonably intended to rely on those works – such as a builder relying on architectural plans.

Bringing A Professional Negligence Claim

If you want to Make A Professional Negligence Claim, there are certain criteria that you must prove. We can advise whether you have the grounds to make a claim. If so, we can pursue legal action on your behalf, working to ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation.

You have six years to bring a claim, starting from the date of the incident. Or, you have three years to bring a claim, starting from the date you became aware of the negligence. Because of the time limits involved, we recommend seeking early legal advice.

Defending A Professional Negligence Claim

If you are Defending A Professional Negligence Claim, we understand that you will be concerned about the cost – both in terms of your finances and your professional reputation. We will examine the allegations against you, defending your position against unfounded claims.

There are various defences to a Professional Negligence Claim. Ultimately, we work to establish that you did meet the required standard of care. We can handle everything for you, leaving you free to resume trading.


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