About Us

We support individuals, micro businesses and SME’s.  Altion Law specialises in a variety of niche and complex areas of law such as Tax Disputes and Investigations with HMRC, Directors Disqualification, Insolvency and both Residential and Commercial Construction. We are experienced in making the complex understandable.

The value of working with Altion Law is we understand how business works. Our Team combines the traditional skills of Solicitors and Barristers, with the commercial focus gained by working for public sector bodies, Dow Jones and FTSE 100 Businesses. As a result, our advice is not only legal advice, it is practical business advice aimed at protecting your commercial activities. Our clients consistently tell us that the way in which we provide our advice and the relationships that we build with them, provides additional value. This is one of the main reasons we are consistently recommended.

If you have a problem or are just researching what you believe may become a problem in the future, our team are always happy to speak to you. We know the areas we deal with are complicated but our expert team can help break these down and also assist, if you cannot find the information on our website.

For expert legal advice call us on 01908 414990 or make a free enquiry and our expert team will call you back at a time that is convenient to you. From our initial conversation, our focus is to support you and your business. We’re here to listen –we won’t judge or reprimand you. We will however provide an idea of the next steps and possible next steps.

We can discuss a number of items over the phone but for complex enquiries which involve a lot of documentation we will probably suggest a meeting. We often offer these on a fixed fee basis so you can meet us and discuss your matter in detail and your options, without worrying about costs, before deciding how you would like to proceed.

Your client experience matters to us. Whilst other firms focus on billable hours and monthly targets for new clients, we focus on customer retention and recommendations. Quality of service and relationship development is paramount.

As a modern practice we offer our clients the ability to discuss their matters remotely and we embrace a variety of other technologies to reduce the amount of time you have to spend on legal matters to make your experience, quicker, smoother and faster. For our HMRC and Construction areas of work, we are also used to working with Accountants or Quantity Surveyors.

When you instruct us you can trust that you’ll receive a top quality service and dedicated help in achieving the best outcome.