Director Liabilities- Claims Against Directors

Has someone accused you of breaching your duties and responsibilities as a director? Have they threatened to take legal action against you personally?

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When can a Company Director be personally liable?

A central pillar of company law in England and Wales is that a company has its own legal personality. But there are some circumstances in which directors can be sued personally.

You are most at risk if your company becomes insolvent. A liquidator or administrator will investigate your company accounts and be on the lookout for evidence of directors not complying with their duties and responsibilities.

In an insolvency situation, there are various claims that can be brought against directors. Some of the most common are:

  • Overdrawn director’s loan accounts
  • Wrongful trading
  • Fraudulent trading
  • Misfeasance
  • Transactions at undervalue
  • Unfair preference
  • Personal guarantees
  • Outstanding HMRC payments

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Overdrawn Director’s Loan Account Claims

Have you been told to repay your dividends? Don’t know how you can owe money under a DLA?
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Wrongful Trading

You mustn’t continue trading when you know or ought to know your company is insolvent.
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Fraudulent Trading

More serious than wrongful trading, fraudulent trading is a criminal offence.
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Has a liquidator accused you of breaching your fiduciary duties as a director?
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Transactions at Undervalue

Thinking of selling company assets? Get them properly valued or you could face a claim.
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Unfair Preference

 Showing favour to some creditors and failing to treat everyone equally puts you personally at risk.
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Personal Guarantees

Signing a personal guarantee should never be taken lightly. Get clarity on the risks.
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Outstanding HMRC Payments

Is your company falling behind with payments for VAT, NI contributions and PAYE?
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How to avoid Director Liabilities

Make sure you protect your own position. Here are a few do’s and don’ts:

  • DO keep accurate and up-to-date books and records
  • DO establish the reasons behind your business’s financial difficulties
  • DO consider your company’s future prospects
  • DO obtain an independent valuation of any assets your company plans on selling
  • DON’T continue to trade or incur additional liabilities when your company is insolvent
  • DON’T take deposits for orders you know you can’t fulfil
  • DON’T pay one creditor to the detriment of other creditors
  • DON’T incur further credit or issue cheques when you know there’s no prospect that they will be honoured


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