Regulatory & Compliance Solicitors

Altion Law offers a specialist in house Due Diligence, Compliance and Regulatory Risk Function. Should you be concerned that you may have breached your compliance responsibilities, or are the subject of an investigation, Altion Law can provide discreet and confidential advice throughout the event through to full regulatory investigation.

Our team of Regulatory & Compliance Solicitors also provide a full compliance service involving the design and implementation of procedures and policies, training for staff awareness and of appropriate controls as well as subsequent annual test audits from the standpoint of experienced civil regulatory practitioners.

These can cover:

Altion Law can work in partnership with you as an individual or company to identify the key areas where your company may fall foul of requirements relating to due diligence and compliance and then design your unique compliance procedures.

We can also offer a ‘Crisis Response function’ should your business find itself the focus of a sudden media or regulatory issue. Many businesses are not prepared for these events and whilst most plan for the communications aspects of such an event to be managed, the support and immediacy of strategic advice to the board is neglected. Altion Law’s team of Regulatory & Compliance Solicitors can support these events and has individuals who have worked through business crisis situations that can be placed into an impacted business or be contactable 24/7 via telephone for the duration of the event.

Altion Law are specialists at advising and Regulatory & Compliance matters. If you would like to have a confidential discussion with a member of our team, please complete our Contact Us Form, and we will call you back at a time that is suitable for you or you can contact us directly on 01908 414990.