Defending A Professional Negligence Claim

Taking Early Legal Advice

If a Professional Negligence Claim is made against you – or you suspect that it could be – you must get early legal advice. This is important, as it may affect your actions and decisions going forward.

It is also vital that you forewarn your insurance company about the potential claim. Many professionals in England and Wales have Professional Indemnity Insurance. Such policies cover the cost of legal action taken against you in a professional capacity.

However, many insurers require that they are put on notice of disputes. You therefore need to check the terms of your policy, including when you need to notify your insurer and how this should be done. It may be wise to notify your insurer in writing, even if to confirm what was discussed in a telephone call. That way, you can prove that you complied with the notification requirements.

If you are not sure what the conditions of your policy are, you should contact your insurer and seek guidance.

If a client is threatening to take legal action against you, contact us now at Altion Law. We defend individuals and organisations who are accused of Professional Negligence.

Our solicitors can handle the process for you, ensuring the correct protocol is followed. We know what is at stake and will put forward a robust defence, working to bring the matter to a swift conclusion.

Choosing A Professional Negligence Solicitor

Even if you have Professional Indemnity Insurance, you are still entitled to choose your own lawyers. It is essential to choose the right Professional Negligence Solicitor for you. After all, there is a lot on the line – including your reputation, your no-claims bonus, and maybe even your business.

At Altion Law, we specialise in Professional Negligence and have the experience needed to defend your claim. We know how stressful it is when someone questions your professionalism and your work. We also appreciate that you will want the matter dealt with as quickly and as effectively as possible, allowing you to continue with your life.

When you instruct us, our experts will guide you through any disputes that arise. We will ensure that you understand the options available to you, and will discuss with you how best to tackle the matter. We will be guided by you and your needs.

Often, the first step is negotiation. We can liaise with the other side, working to achieve an agreeable resolution in a way that is both cost and time efficient. Where required, we will tenaciously fight your corner, putting forward a robust defence. If litigation through the courts is necessary, we can represent you throughout.

To make a free enquiry, call us today on 01908 414990, or complete our Free Enquiry Form and request for a confidential, no obligation discussion and let one of our expert team discuss your situation and the options available to you.