How Long Does A Director Disqualification Last For?

How Long Does Director Disqualification Last?

Director Disqualification


If the Court determines that you should be disqualified as a director it will order that you be disqualified for a period between 2 and 15 years, depending on the severity of the admitted/proved unfit conduct. Director Disqualification has three distinct bands:

(i) A lower category of 2-5 years.
This largely relates to reckless or negligent conduct as a director.

(ii) A mid category of 6-10 years.
This is classed as serious, and relates to conduct which is more directly prejudicial to the public interest.

(iii) The highest category of 11-15 years.
This conduct is the most serious and generally relates to fraudulent or serious behavior.

Disqualification commences 21 days after the Court Order is made.

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