Multi Track Claims

Multi Track – For Claims Over £25,001 And Complex Matters.

In all cases both sides will have an opportunity to set out the claim, the defence, to list any evidence in support of their position and to provide witness statements setting out their position.

The court will then look to list a hearing to assess and deal with each claim, where the parties are usually required to attend as a witness at the hearing. The time-frame to deal with the matter will depend upon the complexity, as well as the amount of evidence and witnesses involved, however it is not unusual for a court claim to take in excess of 10 months to reach a final hearing.

The costs of dealing with a court claim, will also depend upon may factors, including the complexity, the number of parties involved and the volume of paperwork and witnesses setting out the position.

The costs will also depend upon the actions of third parties, such as the court and the other side, and therefore it can be hard to understand the full costs involved from the outset.

Altion Law therefore aims to carry out a full assessment of your matter as soon as possible, to enable us to provide you with a good idea of the costs involved in dealing with your matter so that you can make an information decision as to how best to move forward.

At Altion Law we will provide you with clear advice from the outset, and guide you though any process you chose to pursue to ensure that you can make the most suitable decision for you and your circumstances.

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