Suspected Of Serious Tax Fraud

Firstly, you will receive an HMRC criminal investigation letter. This explains that you are suspected of tax fraud. You will be invited to admit to committing fraudulent offences. If you choose this route, HMRC will not carry out a criminal investigation. Instead, you sign a contract, after which you must disclose information as requested by HMRC.

Suspected of Serious Tax Fraud?If you do not accept that you have broken the law, you can reject HMRC’s offer. This is a green light for HMRC to begin a criminal investigation against you. Afterwards, your case will be handed to the CPS, who will decide if there are sufficient grounds for a criminal prosecution. If so, your case will be heard in court.

These are the only options available. This can be troubling, especially if you think HMRC has made a mistake or you deny the allegations. Unfortunately, even if your case is based on incorrect information, you must explain this to the court.

Could I Go To Prison For Tax Offences?

It depends on the matter being investigated. HMRC can and will prosecute in cases of deliberate fraud and particularly in cases where large amounts of PAYE and VAT are concerned. It is possible to go to prison for tax offences.

If you believe or suspect you are to be the subject of an HMRC criminal investigation, we strongly recommend that you seek urgent legal advice.

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