Dry Run Gives Start-Up Client The Heads-Up It Needs For An AWRS Application

Our client was a start-up with a limited budget. It wanted to apply to be registered under the Alcohol Wholesalers Registration Scheme (AWRS). But as a new entrant to the market, our client was not wholly familiar with the rules and regulations surrounding the alcohol wholesalers sector. This is where we introduced the AWRS application dry run.

Alcohol Licensing Specialist

Alcohol Licensing Specialist


How We Helped

Our long-standing clients appreciate how we seek to keep their costs down by, as much as possible, helping them stand on their own two feet. When our client first came to us, it was looking for support with an AWRS application. But it soon realised the benefit of asking us to train its team on the rules and regulations governing the sector.

It then asked us to review its draft AWRS business plan and the application documents. Our expert lawyers highlighted areas of weakness and made clear suggestions on where and how to make improvements.

What we also did was give our client a ‘dry run’ of its HMRC interview. We ran through the questions it was likely to be asked. By doing so, we made sure our client was well prepared and equipped to handle what was thrown at it during the real thing.

What We Achieved

Adopting this approach enabled us to highlight significant risk areas while keeping costs down for our client. Our client was also able to improve its proposed policies and procedures before making a formal application to HMRC. When it did so, its application was met with a positive response within a matter of just a few weeks.

“Altion Law’s service was very professional and constructive. It definitely helped us get the approval we were looking for.”

A client we helped apply for an approval from HMRC

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