Contesting Bankruptcy Proceedings Issued By A Business Creditor

Our client was the owner of a business. One of the business’s creditors had issued an individual bankruptcy/personal insolvency action against our client. They came to us for help with their defence contesting bankruptcy proceedings .

How we helped

Our expert lawyers went over everything with a fine-tooth comb. They pinpointed a number of lines of attack.

  • The creditor had not followed statutory procedures.
  • The action was based on errors and false allegations.
contesting bankruptcy proceedings

Contesting Bankruptcy Proceedings

What We Achieved

Our client instructed us to represent them in court and robustly contest the bankruptcy.

We succeeded in reaching a satisfactory settlement for our client that included the proceedings against them being dismissed.

Our client was extremely pleased and satisfied with the result and our efficient and effective service.

“Prompt and effective service was provided with swift resolution of our case.”

A client we helped to resolve a dispute

Have You Been Threatened With Bankruptcy?

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