Recovering Valuable Assets Seized By HMRC

Imagine having HMRC seize some of your most valuable assets. Now imagine spending years in litigation, trying to get them back but with nothing to show for it.

That was the position our clients – a group of individuals – found themselves in. They came to us seeking fresh legal advice and an upturn in their fortunes.

How We Helped

At Altion Law, we know court action isn’t always the most effective or efficient way to deal with a dispute. And our goal isn’t to make a name for ourselves by using a case to change the law. It’s to secure commercial results for our clients.

Conscious that matters had been dragging on for years with our clients getting nowhere, our expert lawyers gave them realistic advice on the law and – more importantly – clear, practical suggestions on how to resolve the main issue in dispute.

Our clients instructed us to represent them at negotiation meetings with HMRC.

“Excellent service as always from Anthony. Prompt and effective service was provided with swift resolution of our case.”

A client we helped to resolve a dispute.

What We Achieved

Speaking on behalf of our clients at the meetings, we were able to secure a successful outcome. Within just weeks of our initial involvement, HMRC returned all the seized assets.

Our clients were extremely pleased with the service we gave them. A seemingly never-ending dispute had not only concluded but ended with the outcome they most desired.

Have You Had Tour Assets Seized By HMRC?

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