Navigating the legal landscape of tax law is a challenge for businesses of any size. Tax legislation is an enormous and incredibly complex area of law which changes year after year. By working with  specialist tax solicitors who understands your business, you can ensure you pay the right amount of tax, maximise exemptions and reliefs, and handle any investigations initiated by HMRC into your tax affairs swiftly and effectively.

Our team of expert tax solicitors are committed to assisting clients with all aspects of tax law and procedure. If you disagree with HMRC about the amount of tax you need to pay, or if HMRC is investigating your tax affairs, we will translate the relevant tax legislation into commercial, practical advice tailored to your commercial needs and aimed at resolving the issue as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

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What do our Tax Solicitors do?

 Our tax solicitors advise clients on all types of tax issues and disputes, including the following:


  • Your compliance with tax legislation.

If you are concerned about potential irregularities in your tax affairs, our tax solicitors will undertake a comprehensive audit of your tax returns, accounts, and other relevant documentation to confirm compliance with your tax obligations. If our investigations uncover any problems, we will work with you to devise a strategy to minimise any potential penalties.

  • Tax investigations

There are various types of tax investigations, ranging from routine compliance checks to full-scale examinations of your financial position, usually where fraud is suspected. It is essential to properly engage with any investigation initiated by HMRC. Failing to do so can escalate the issue and result in more severe penalties where wrongdoing is discovered.

  • Court or tribunal proceedings.

Our tax solicitors’ vast experience with HMRC matters often allows us to achieve favourable outcomes for our clients through negotiations with HMRC. However, in cases where negotiations are not successful, our in-depth knowledge and understanding of legal proceedings ensure you are in safe hands both in the tax tribunals and the courts.

  • Due diligence

If your business relies on HMRC licences such as WOWGR and AWRS, you must have sufficient due diligence processes in place relating to potential trading partners. HMRC will carry out checks to assess the effectiveness of your procedures. If it identifies serious failings, it may revoke your licences. Our tax solicitors will audit your due diligence checks and advise on any necessary changes in the context of the risks posed by your trading relationships.

  • Challenging HMRC’s seizure of your goods or cash

If you have received a Notice of Seizure or Seizure information Notice informing you that HMRC or Border Force have seized your goods, timely legal advice is crucial. Our tax solicitors will review the circumstances of your case and advise on the likelihood of securing the return of your goods. You may be able to challenge the seizure on the grounds that it was unlawful, ask that the goods be returned despite the seizure being lawful, or a combination of the two. We have assisted countless clients in achieving the return of their goods, including in cases that had been ongoing for a number of years before our involvement.



How can our Tax Solicitors help?

Our tax solicitors dedicate their time to assisting individuals and businesses with tax disputes and other HMRC-related issues. Our unrivalled experience in this niche area of law enables us to provide swift, results-focused advice designed to resolve your matter quickly and cost-effectively, so you can get back to business. Our tax solicitors couple their legal skills with extensive commercial experience gleaned from their years working in industry, and we pride ourselves on distilling complex legal principles into straightforward, practical guidance.

We combine our traditional values of delivering quality advice and ensuring client satisfaction with a modern approach. We understand that tax-related matters can be an unwelcome distraction from focusing on your business goals, so we use cutting-edge technology to streamline our practice and reduce the time you need to spend on your issue. You can contact us remotely, at a time that suits you, and we will be on hand to answer any queries.

We appreciate that legal costs can be a significant concern for many clients. Our tax solicitors’ expertise in the area means there are few issues they have not encountered previously, enabling us to give prompt, effective advice. Wherever possible, we offer a fixed-fee initial meeting at which we will review your issue and talk you through your options so you can make an informed decision about how you wish to proceed.


For a confidential free discussion, call us today on 01908 414990,  alternatively email us at or complete our Free Enquiry Form and we will call you back.