What Is ‘Unfit Conduct’?

You can be disqualified from being a company director if you do not meet your legal responsibilities and duties.

Top Tip: A disqualification order does not prevent you from taking a job with the company or from operating as a sole trader.
Top Tip: If you have taken an employed position within a company then make sure that you do not behave as though you are a director or ask others to act on your behalf.

Director disqualification is a gruelling process that can have a severe effect on those involved. If you are concerned you might be found unfit, it’s best to seek expert legal advice from us before proceedings begin. If you have received a letter from the Insolvency Service or you believe you may soon receive a letter, our team of specialists can assist you through this process. Our team can also advise you on the potential impacts on other business interests you may hold.

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