Are you struggling to get through to HMRC on the phone? It could be because HMRC is reducing the hours for some of their telephone services on a trial basis. Specifically, HMRC is closing their CT and VAT phone lines (with the exception of the bereavement line) on the following dates in December:

  • 3rd December
  • 10th December
  • 17th December

In an email to its customers, HMRC stated that: “we’ll keep a close eye on our progress, responding to any issues as we go. Towards the end of December, we’ll take a view on what to do next and update you in the first week of January.”

Further reductions in the telephone service may, therefore, extend into the new year. However, HMRC has said it will be prepared for key events. This  including the Self Assessment peak and the introduction of EU full customs controls in January.

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Why Can’t I get Through to HMRC on the Phone?

HMRC says that in closing the phone lines, they can spend more time working through the post that has built up over the past year. The pandemic has squeezed HMRC’s resources, forcing the organisation to focus on the Covid-19 support schemes. As well as Brexit, and other essential tax services. There is now a backlog of post which HMRC needs to address. Pausing the phone lines will allow staff a dedicated window to achieve this. A task which will be helped by a team of temporary recruits.

A Year of Recovery

HMRC says it is in a “year of recovery” and that it is making “solid progress”. By April 2022, it expects to be delivering a pre-pandemic performance on core service lines. In the meantime, customers can expect delays and frustrations. If you cannot get through to HMRC, then the reduction in telephone services may explain it. However, we urge you to try again in the not-too-distant future. Late tax returns and other mistakes can incur financial penalties. Therefore, so it is in your best interests to resolve the matter sooner rather than later.

HMRC Investigation?

If HMRC has sent you a letter stating its intention to investigate your tax affairs, then you should contact us at Altion Law first. We specialise in HMRC investigations and can help you further.

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