Construction &  Building Disputes

Anthony Galvin & Rebecca Hudson

Anthony Galvin & Rebecca Hudson

Directors, Altion Law

As a construction company or professional there is nothing worse than retaining legal advisers only to find that they know absolutely nothing about the day-to-day realities of the construction industry, or the technicalities involved in construction disputes and building claims.

Altion Law are construction specialists and are extremely experienced at advising and dealing with all commercial construction disputes and building disputes, whether it’s a simple defect or a snagging dispute for a sole trader, up to multi-million pound disputes involving defects, extensions of time, loss and expense, design problems, and multiple contractors across a project. Whilst we will always seek to resolve matters amicably if possible, we are also very experienced in resolving disputes contentiously through Adjudication, Arbitration or the Technology and Construction Court.

Download Altion Laws Practical Guide To Avoiding Residential Building Disputes

The team at Altion Law are aware that a lot of the matters we deal with are complex in nature. Taking legal advice at an early stage to avoid a dispute is always preferable to having to take formal legal action. We offer fixed fee early stage consultations to discuss any issues that may become a dispute. If you have a problem or are just researching what you believe may become a problem in the future, our team are always happy to speak to you. We can also assist with providing further information, if you cannot find the information on our website. Please request a Free Call Back or call us on 01908 414990.

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