Countless solicitors’ firms offer advice on HMRC-related matters, but few are true experts. At Altion Law, our HMRC solicitors and barristers specialise in advising clients on all types on tax issues, including tax investigations, VAT disputes, and bounce back loan investigations. We provide first-class legal advice at affordable rates, and pride ourselves on our outstanding client service.

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What do our HMRC Solicitors do?

Our HMRC solicitors and barristers are experts in handling all HMRC matters, including disputes. We have a proven track record in representing clients in both tax tribunal and Court proceedings, consistently achieving excellent results.

Examples of the types of issues our HMRC solicitors routinely deal with include the following:

  • VAT Disputes

Our HMRC solicitors and barristers assist clients in connection with all types of VAT disputes, including those arising from VAT assessments and wrongdoing penalties. We also advise businesses and company directors who are facing personal liability.

  • Code of Practice 9 Investigations

Code of Practice 9 investigations, also known as COP9 investigations, are incredibly serious. HMRC only commences these types of investigations if they suspect tax evasion or fraud. If COP9 investigations are not handled properly, they may lead to criminal proceedings. Our HMRC solicitors will guide and support you through the process and advise you on the steps required to avoid prosecution.

  • Bounce Back Loan Investigations

Many businesses took out bounce back loans to support them through the covid crisis. However, few foresaw the full extent of the fallout from the pandemic, which, coupled with the cost-of-living crisis, has seen some borrowers unable to meet their repayment obligations. Our HMRC solicitors and barristers have advised countless clients on the options available to assist them in dealing with their bounce back loan liabilities. We also help businesses that may have misused the bounce back loan scheme.

  • Criminal Prosecutions

HMRC tends to favour civil proceedings over criminal ones since it results in a swifter recovery of unpaid tax. However, it expressly reserves its right to open criminal investigations whenever it considers it appropriate to do so, which can result in significant fines and even imprisonment. If you have received a letter from HMRC notifying you of a criminal prosecution, it means that HMRC has evidence that you may have committed tax fraud. Our specialist HMRC solicitors regularly advise clients who have received a letter from HMRC notifying them of a criminal investigation or believe that their tax affairs may give rise to criminal liability.

  • Tax Investigations

HMRS undertakes hundreds of thousands of tax investigations each year. Our team of HMRC solicitors specialise in assisting clients with all types of tax investigations, from routine checks to serious inquiries into suspected tax fraud. We address enquiries promptly to ensure you understand your position and options. We will work with you throughout the process, liaising with HMRC on your behalf and securing a favourable outcome.

  • Wrongdoing Penalties

HMRC issues wrongdoing penalties when they believe a taxpayer has committed a wrongdoing that involves the Crown losing funds. In some cases, HMRC can hold the individuals behind the business, such as directors and partners, liable for the wrongdoing. Our HMRC solicitors specialise in providing clear, concise advice to clients who have been issued with wrongdoing penalties.

The above are just a few examples of our HMRC’s solicitors’ work. We also have vast experience in acquisition tax, HMRC assessments and disputes, HMRC licences, due diligence, HMRC missing trader fraud, VAT penalties, HMRC condemnation or restoration, and modern slavery.


Who choose our HMRC Solicitors?

Our HMRC solicitors are recognised experts in issues involving HMRC and border force. We understand that our clients often require our advice and support urgently, and we respond to queries swiftly, comprehensively, and in plain English. We offer not only outstanding legal advice, but also tailor that advice to our client’s commercial reality, needs, and objectives to ensure it adds real value.

Our HMRC solicitors are professional, efficient, friendly, and approachable. We are committed to providing our clients with the exceptional service they deserve. As a result, we enjoy longstanding working relationships with our clients, many of whom recommend us to their family and friends. We embrace cutting-edge technology to streamline our operations and reduce the amount of time you need to spend on your matter, thereby freeing you up to focus on your business activities. We are proud to have received feedback from numerous clients praising our ‘good, honest legal advice’, noting how we ‘helped overturn HMRC’s decision successfully’, and stating that working with our HMRC solicitors was a ‘completely professional experience’.

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