Removing The Threatening Cloud Of Director Disqualification

Our client was a company director who worked in the communications sector. He was being investigated by the Insolvency Service. They considered the matter to be very serious and wanted to disqualify him for eight years.

To make matters worse, they had set very tight deadlines for our client to give his response.

Our client was a director of other businesses. Disqualification would therefore have had serious ramifications for him, his businesses, and his family.

How We Helped

Having quickly got ourselves up to speed with matters, we persuaded the Insolvency Service to grant our client an extension to the timescales it had set. This gave our client more time to put together a robust challenge to the allegations.

We worked with our client to obtain the evidence he needed to support his case. We then provided the Insolvency Service with a detailed response, evidencing our client’s contentions and disputing the suggested disqualification.

What We Achieved

It took the Insolvency Service some time to respond but it raised no further questions after we had provided it with our client’s response. Then came the good news. The Insolvency Service decided to take no further action to disqualify our client as a director.

Our client and his family were thrilled. He was now able to concentrate on taking forward his business, without the black cloud of a potential director disqualification looming over his head.

“I cannot be thankful enough to Altion Law for the service and help I received, through a very difficult time.”

A client we helped

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