Ways Of Resolving Disputes:

What Sort Of Dispute Resolution Procedure Should The Parties Adopt?

Complications often arise during a residential building project and you may need assistance in how to resolve a dispute. This results in the project taking longer and costing more than the parties originally contracted for.

In such cases, claim is inevitable, whether it is for an extension of time, delay and disruption. Alternatively for loss and expense, variations, defective works or design. Furthermore the assistance required on how to resolve the dispute might be for liquidated damages or a breach of a professional consultant’s duty of care.

If Issues arise during construction

  • We are able to provide dispute avoidance advice. If it cannot be avoided.
  • Altion Law will suggest the most suitable dispute resolution method which might be Mediation.
  • Our experts are highly experienced, and skilled in advising all these methods.
  • Our approach is to provide practical advice on the available options considering the value and complexity of the dispute.  To provide strategic focus, and a recommended course of action taking into account any commercial factors, which may influence the desired outcome.


Altion Law are specialists at advising and representing parties in a Contractual Dispute relating to a Construction Project. 

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