At Altion Law, we have a team of specialist tax solicitors who deal solely with HMRC and border force issues. Our extensive expertise and experience in this niche area allow us to offer swift, practical, and cost-effective advice on all aspects of tax law and practice. Whether you’re facing a routine tax inspection or being investigated for alleged tax fraud, our tax solicitors are here to provide first-class legal advice, practical recommendations, and expert representation to minimise the impact of the situation and get you back to business as quickly as possible.

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What services do our Tax Solicitors provide?

Our tax solicitors regularly assist clients with a wide range of HMRC-related matters, including the following:


  • VAT Disputes

HMRC looks into the VAT affairs of thousands of businesses each year. Being investigated by HMRC does not necessarily indicate any mistake or wrongdoing on your part; you may simply operate in a sector currently being targeted by HMRC for investigation. Nevertheless, it is always sensible to seek legal advice from expert tax solicitors, like ours, when dealing with a VAT investigation. We will ensure HMRC’s officers carry out the investigation properly, assist you in understanding the nature and scope of your disclosure obligations, accompany you to any meetings, and support and guide you throughout.

If HMRC’s investigation uncovers discrepancies in your VAT affairs, having our experienced tax solicitors on your side can significantly improve your chances of negotiating a favourable settlement with HMRC. We can also ensure any appeal you wish to raise is brought within the strict time limits and has the best possible chance of success.


  • HMRC COP 9 Investigations 

COP9 investigations are the most serious type of civil investigation undertaken by HMRC and usually involve cases in which HMRC suspects considerable tax losses to the revenue. Unlike routine tax investigations, if you receive notification from HMRC that they are launching a COP9 investigation, they have evidence of potential tax fraud and will likely prosecute you if you do not address the issue. If you receive such a notification, speak to us immediately. We will ensure you do everything required by HMRC who, in turn, should agree not to prosecute you.


  • Appeals to the Tax Tribunal

If the result of an HMRC investigation doesn’t go your way, you may be able to appeal. Broadly speaking, the HMRC appeals procedure involves making an initial appeal to HMRC itself, which must be lodged within 30 days of the original decision. If HMRC doesn’t change its decision following your appeal, you can then have your appeal heard by a different HMRC caseworker or the tax tribunal. If you choose to have your case heard by a different caseworker and remain dissatisfied with the outcome, you can escalate the issue to the tribunal at that stage.

Challenging a decision of HMRC is a complex process, involving tight timescales and complicated procedural rules. Expert legal advice from tax solicitors like ours will ensure you adhere to all requirements and present the most robust case possible.


  • HMRC Criminal Investigations

HMRC tends to reserve criminal prosecutions for the most serious cases of tax fraud, such as those involving organised crime. However, they reserve their right to prosecute taxpayers in all cases resulting in a loss to the revenue, and may do so, for example, to send a warning shot to other businesses operating in your sector.

The consequences of being found criminally liable for tax fraud can be severe and include a fine and imprisonment. If you are facing a criminal investigation or believe there is a risk of one being brought against you, it is essential to seek advice from tax solicitors immediately. Our tax solicitors frequently negotiate settlements for our clients with HMRC before criminal prosecutions are initiated, thereby preventing the stress, cost and stigma that often accompany criminal proceedings.

Other issues with which our tax solicitors regularly deal include HMRC wrongdoing penalties, bounce back loan investigations, HMRC licences, missing trader fraud, HMRC’s seizure of goods, and modern slavery.


How our Tax Solicitors can help

Our tax solicitors understand that the constantly changing tax landscape can be difficult to navigate and are on hand to answer any queries you may have regarding your tax affairs comprehensively and in plain English. If an HMRC-related issue or dispute arises, we will assist you in favourably resolving it as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. We understand that you require not only expert legal advice, but also practical support aligned with your commercial needs. Our tax solicitors have decades of business experience gleaned from working for public sector bodies and leading private corporations. Our advice is always straightforward and commercially focused, centred on achieving the most lenient penalty possible and minimising any disruption to your business.


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