Tax law in the UK is incredibly complex and difficult to navigate. The legal landscape is full of traps for the unwary, so having a tax lawyer in hand to help you manage risks, ensure compliance and deal with any contentious issues that may arise is crucial.

At Altion Law, we have a specialist HMRC team that deals solely with tax matters, and our tax lawyers are recognised experts in this niche area. Our advice goes beyond the law. Our combined experience in business, gained through years of working in the public sector and for DOW Jones and FTSE 100 companies, enables us to get to the heart of your commercial needs and protect your business interests. Our advice is practical, straightforward, and focused on resolving your tax issues as swiftly and cost efficiently as possible.


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What does a Tax Lawyer do?

Our tax lawyers routinely deal with a wide range of tax-related issues, including the following:

  • Due Diligence.

All businesses, regardless of their size, are expected to carry out sufficient due diligence on their customers and suppliers. Not only must you carry out the due diligence, but you must also keep comprehensive evidence of those checks to produce to HMRC at any compliance visit.

Your tax lawyer will carry out a thorough review of your due diligence processes and assess their sufficiency in the context of your trading relationships. They will advise on any necessary improvements and help you to implement them.

  • VAT Disputes.

VAT disputes can arise for a variety of reasons, including alleged missing trader fraud, input and output issues, and incorrect documentation.

When dealing with a VAT dispute, it is essential to have a clear and unambiguous strategy in place. Your tax lawyer will work with your other advisors to develop a strategy bespoke to your circumstances aimed at resolving the dispute on the best possible terms.

  • HMRC Criminal Investigations.

HMRC criminal investigations are far less common than civil investigations. However, when they do launch a criminal investigation, the potential penalties are significantly more severe, and include considerable fines and imprisonment. A civil HMRC investigation may evolve into a criminal investigation if particular circumstances arise, such as if you have lied, or withheld or forged documentation.

Prevention is always better than cure and avoiding an HMRC criminal investigation in the first place is far preferable to dealing with one. By taking advice from an experienced tax lawyer as soon as a tax-related issue arises, you can minimise the chances of HMRC pursuing a criminal prosecution.

Having a tax lawyer on board when facing a criminal investigation is vital. Their advice will ensure you deal with the issue as effectively as possible and receive the most lenient punishment.

  • Appeals to the Tax Tribunal.

If you disagree with a finding of HMRC, you may be able to appeal their decision to the first-tier tax tribunal. Strict time limits apply to the tax appeals process, so you should take timely legal advice to ensure you do not miss your opportunity to challenge HMRC’s decision.

Our tax lawyers have extensive experience representing clients before the first-tier tax tribunal. We will always seek to reach an amicable settlement of the issue in the first instance through negotiation or alternative dispute resolution, to keep your costs down. Sometimes, however, the outcome remains unchanged, and more formal action is required. In these cases, we will guide you through the tax appeal process and use our expertise and experience to secure the most favourable outcome.

  • Tax Investigations.

HMRC conducts thousands of tax investigations each year to ensure businesses are paying the correct amount of tax. Being chosen to undergo a tax investigation does not necessarily mean that HMRC suspects any wrongdoing. Nevertheless, seeking advice from an experienced tax lawyer can ensure the investigation runs smoothly and causes minimum disruption to your business.

If the tax investigation uncovers anomalies in your tax affairs, your tax lawyer will liaise with HMRC on your behalf and seek to negotiate a moderate penalty.


Where can I find a Tax Lawyer near me?

 Our offices are based in Milton Keynes, but we work with clients throughout the South East and the UK. Our tax lawyers are always happy to meet with you remotely if you prefer, so you can seek our expert input wherever you are.


How much does a Tax Lawyer near me charge?

We understand that dealing with tax-related issues is often an unexpected and unwelcome expense. Our tax lawyers are proud to be able to offer our clients a level of expertise to rival that of far larger firms for a fraction of the cost.

We can sometimes offer an initial fixed-fee consultation to help you understand your legal position, and our tax lawyers will advise whether this is something we can do in your case. Our firm policy is to be entirely transparent on costs, and we will provide regular costs estimates, updates, and comprehensive invoices throughout the duration of your matter.


For a confidential free discussion, call us today on 01908 414990,  alternatively email us at or complete our Free Enquiry Form and we will call you back.