What Other Actions Might Be Taken?

A director disqualification order or undertaking is only there to deal with the disqualification claim.

If there are other claims which may be bought against you in respect of the liquidated company, then the liquidator will need to prove these claims in their own right. A liquidator cannot rely on the fact of a disqualification to try and bring other claims against director.

Top Tip: However, it is important to be aware that the disqualification undertaking/orders are publicly advertised at Companies House and therefore in any other proceedings it can be referred to by way of evidence of misconduct.

Directors should bear in mind that admitting to breaches of duty may lead to other consequences. It is possible for other actions be taken.

1. Prosecuting authorities may bring criminal proceedings in respect of any conduct which amount to a criminal offence.

2. A Liquidator may bring

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